Azteca Shed Slabs

All Azteca Driveways, Shed Slabs and Airplane Hangers slabs are installed using our unique Azteca Roller Screeds.  


Our Azteca Roller Screeds equipment combines the time-tested process of using something flat to smoothen out concrete with the addition of a spinning tube attached to a power source.
Unlike vibrating screeds, our Azteca Roller Screed brings concrete paste to the surface, not water. As a result, the water/cement ratio near the surface of the concrete is much lower, which helps to create a higher quality, more durable slab.
Our Azteca Roller Screed is ideal for all screeding applications. Whether you have wet or low slump concrete, flat work, or a steep slope pour, our Azteca Roller Screed produces a flatter, more durable concrete surfaces with less effort, time, and labor which results in cost savings to our clients .